We have discontinued the production of our aromino fragrance columns. To allow you to continue operating the fragrance columns you have already bought, the aromino fragrance cartridges may still be ordered from us.

aromino room fragrance

The right room fragrance makes a significant contribution to feeling good in a business setting and within your own four walls. With a pleasant fragrance in your office and conference rooms, things work better. Create a pleasant and motivating room climate for your customers and employees.
Possible areas of use: Fitness centres, spa and wellness areas, reception, relaxation and waiting areas, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, etc.

aromino fragrance marketing
Fragrances, used correctly, will round off experience oriented presentation in your salesrooms. In addition to the most suitable decoration elements, such as light, colour arrangements, background music or room furnishings, the right fragrance will emphasis the characteristics of your goods and services.
Possible areas of use: Travel agents, jewellers, opticians, fashion houses, pharmacies, car showrooms, etc.

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